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» BD Gem System (New and updated!)
06.01.10 7:03 by Guest

» BD Altar........
05.01.10 17:52 by Guest

» Ship lvling bot/guide/thing
04.01.10 3:53 by Guest

» Sea Voyagers for Abbadon!
28.12.09 8:26 by Guest

» Alternative Guilds
14.12.09 16:43 by jPedro

» Guild Banks
02.12.09 19:47 by Guest

02.12.09 15:27 by Guest

» Celtic Heartland Quest Walktrough
01.12.09 9:04 by jPedro

» Vanir Guild Structure
30.11.09 14:23 by jPedro

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BD Gem System (New and updated!)

30.11.09 8:52 by jPedro

Hi guildies!

Once again the BD Gem will change in this guild Razz
This time we are changing one aspect that I think it's still bad on the system.
The only change that this new system will have from the old one is that we will only give BD gems that can be forged instantly.
So that means we won't give any gems to players for them to stock in their banks till they receive another.

Important …

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BD Altar........

05.01.10 17:52 by Anonymous

Many ppl are waiting for work in ur altar
Then i deceded to organize it.
Now we have a list of wait, that currently is organized such:

1 Lion - need dices
2 Nanda - need dices
3 KillerC - need power and dices
4 Kenshin - need power and dices

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Sea Voyagers for Abbadon!

23.10.09 10:06 by jPedro

Hi guildies!

In order to start helping the Rebirth Teams with Kraken and going further in Abbadon (Abby 9 Boss) I need each member to MAKE a Sea Voyager.

Sea Voyager must be level 50+ and have the following Skills or similar:

Level 10 Alga
Level 10 Curtain
Level 5 Tail wind
Level 5 or + Whirlpool

Ship: Eagle (Bought from Icicle Harbor) Boat Level must be Lv50 Min
Shark …

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Alternative Guilds

25.10.09 9:27 by jPedro

Hi guildies!

For better organization and simpler use in abbadon, please apply your SeaVoys,Sealers, Stallers and Buffers to the following guild:

Pizza and Stuffs

We got other guilds for GW use:

  • Sporting
  • Navy Division 6

That's all for now folks!


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Guild Banks

30.11.09 17:32 by jPedro

Hi guildies!

Here's how our guild economy works:

We will have 4 Banks:

  1. BDVault: To bank Powers, BD Gems, Altars and Dices
  2. VanirGuildCA: To bank CA equips and CA drops like vouchers and covenants
  3. VanirAbby: To bank Heaven Entries items, Scrolls, Sea Manus and Death Weapons
  4. VanirFarming: To bank Amps/CB's, Tickets, Voodoos, BD entries, DSC items, Ref gems, Kal runes and extra items

People with …

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02.12.09 15:27 by Anonymous

Ok, for some days now there have been links at ToP forum, hacker links.
2 accs had teh IP banned, but i doubt only taht will solve.
so look below and please dont be hacked x_x

Here are a few things to note for safety:
1. If you are already logged into the forums, you WILL NOT be logged out if you click a new link or go to another domain of IGGs, unless you physically log out yourself.
2. …

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Vanir Guild Structure

30.11.09 14:23 by jPedro

Hi guildies!

Managing a guild with so many goals and members isn't an easy task for a single person and it would suck if there weren't any other players to help and to cooperate with ideas for the benefict of guild.

So Vanir Guild will have a couple Captains to keep our guild organized and active as much as possible.

So here's a view of our guild structure:

Guild Leaders:

  • Onette

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30.11.09 14:22 by jPedro

Hi guildies!

On behalf of leaders and all members, thanks for joining Vanir guild.
I hope you will find it a cosy place and somewhere to chat with your friends or even take it like a small second family.

The guild goals for the meantime are:

- Get over 80 as soon as possible
- Build a family relationship among all members
- Getting prepared Abbadon and Aurora Maze
- Convincing every …

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